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Recovery is a journey. No journey is a straight path. Healing is a big step along the way. Just like recovering from any disease, proper support helps you stay on the pathway towards healing. Whether you need a professional to empower you or if you need them to hold you accountable, recovery coaching could be the answer.



Put simply, recovery coaching is a professional relationship between individuals with substance use disorders and a qualified individual. As your Recovery Coach, I use my experience through recovery and as a professional with over 20 years of hands-on experience with substance use disorders to get you one step closer to living the life you’re dreaming of. As my client, you can expect:

Though Provoking Questions 

Sometimes all we need is a little more awareness around our day-to-day decisions. Getting stuck in the same old habits leads to the same old outcomes. With a coach on your side, you can examine those daily decisions. I’ll ask you thought-provoking questions about your choices, and your goals to help you achieve your best life. 


Self-esteem can nose dive with substance use. But you can rekindle it. You can feel good about yourself again. And you can feel motivated to do better each day. My job as your professional coach is to get you there through empowering support you didn’t know was there. 

High Level of Privacy & Discreetness 

I also take your privacy seriously. Every detail you share with me is secure and private. You can trust my discreetness to provide a judgement free space where you’re free to share your greatest challenges. 

Building Awareness 

Self-awareness is crucial to success in recovery. I help you build that awareness so you can make smarter choices that empower you. 


Research consistently shows that accountability makes a difference in the outcome of substanceuse. Setting achievable goals and then helping you live up to them, is what I do best. With candor, honesty, and integrity, I keep you accountable for your future self. 



Support makes a difference. That’s the type of support I offer through my recovery coaching services. But what can you expect when you work with me? 


Sometimes all you need is to be able to clearly see the next stepping stone on your path towards your goals. Pulling that inner strength and motivation out of yourself can be difficult during times of struggle. Together, we can harness that inner motivation and help you move towards your desired outcome. 

Real-World Resources & Support 

There are literally thousands of recovery resources out there, but how can you know which one is right for you? Through my personalized coaching services, I identify those resources and guide you towards them so you can leverage the right tools during recovery. 

Experiential Knowledge 

I have hands-on experience with recovery, both that of my own and individuals I worked with for over 20 years. That experience is invaluable to my coaching clients. I offer a well of endless knowledge for you to use for your own success. 


Goal-Setting & Achievement Support 

None of us can do it all all alone. Once you are on your journey, the next step is setting goals and creating a new life path that empowers you. But what if you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of a substance-free life? I can help. As your recovery coach, I’ll aid you in setting up appropriate goals and help you reach those goals by supporting you in eliminating excuses and negative self-talk.




My name is Leida Lamas-Sheldon and I want to be your recovery coach. Of course, you might be asking, why should I hire you to collaborate with me? Well, first I have the necessary training and qualifications to provide professional support. I’m a Certified Recovery Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation, and also a She Recovers Signature Coach.  The latter means that I am fully trained to align my work with She Recovers Intentions and Guiding Principles.


Additionally, I am also a registered nurse, certified in addictions and psychiatry and hold over 20 years in experience in substance use disorders. 

It is important to recognize that Recovery Coaching is a professional collaboration. That starts with thought-provoking and powerful questioning so you can achieve extraordinary results in your life. My coaching strategies are centered on integrity, supporting your dignity, self-discovery, balance, and beauty. I want to empower you within a safe space that maintains the highest level of privacy and discreetness. Build awareness and become accountable for your choices in an empowering environment. 

As a recovery coach, I am dedicated to leveraging my own experience to help train other women to align their life with the life they know they deserve. I would be honored to become your recovery coach. 

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