You are on your recovery journey, whether you have achieved sobriety, are committed to sobriety, or would like to know more about sobriety, where do you turn next? How can you overcome the obstacles standing in your way to reach true recovery?


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"The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”


~ Steve Maraboli

The journey into recovery is a decision you have to make with your entire being. But once you make that decision it’s time to take action. That action relies on your ability to take the next steps. To take those next steps, you must know what they are. And you need evidence-based guidance that leads you towards your inner strength. 

Finding your inner strength and taking those next steps can be overwhelming. I fully understand that. My name is Leida Lamas-Sheldon and I am a Certified Professional Coach as well as a She Recovers Coach. I am certified in addictions nursing, psychiatry and have over 20 years of experience in substance use disorders. I’m also in recovery myself—so I understand the challenges you face. 

By creating a judgement-free space, I empower women to make the best decisions for themselves. I support my coaching clients in both complete abstinence or harm reduction. I believe that self-discovery, balance, and honesty can create a recipe for sobriety success. 

I can help you take the next step towards the life you want to live. 

Join hundreds of other women who have discovered their inner strength and now live a substance abuse-free life, through recovery coaching. 



Let’s start by examining what recovery coaching isn’t. It isn’t therapy. It is a way to find and tap into the strengths you have to overcome the struggles you face. A collaborative approach is the best path towards total recovery. A good recovery coach takes a guiding role, and never forces you into an uncomfortable recovery process. Equally, accountability is important if you truly want to recover. Setting and achieving your goals depends on it. 


A few key indicators that recovery coaching could work for you include: 

  • There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. 

  • You have just started your path towards recovery and want to learn more. 

  • You are familiar with recovery but feel you’re not able to leverage your authentic self and strengths to the betterment of your recovery. 

  • You’re eager to have support at every stage of your recovery process. 

  • You need more awareness around the habits contributing to relapses. 





Professional recovery coaching services can have a dramatic effect on your goals. I offer 60 minute coaching sessions, no commitment necessary, as well as multiple coaching packages to support you in achieving those goals. 

Hourly Sessions

Focused sessions allowing you to clarify and realize your goals.

Joy Package 

Powerful, Discreet, and 100% Private coaching sessions for up to three months. 

Joyous Package 

Professional, Personalized and Private coaching sessions and coaching plan for up to six months. 

The Bliss Package 

If you’re ready to commit to your recovery journey, I highly recommend The bliss package. I’ll provide you with one-on-one private coaching for up to twelve months. 

Each of my sessions is conducted via telephone or ZOOM. I’ll provide you with a personalized coaching plan to help guide you towards a successful outcome. 

Learn more on my Pricing page. 





Choosing the right partner for your recovery is critical. Research shows that community support, especially in the early days of recovery, can significantly improve your odds of success. When working with me as your recovery coach I take a “you” first attitude. I get to know your strengthens and help you identify them in yourself. I am as committed to your recovery journey as you are.

 I take a personalized approach that aids in relapse prevention and helps you navigate your journey.. Together, you can find your niche in your new recovery world. Ultimately, I want to encourage you to have fun and explore the beauty of life in a way that suits your unique personality. 

When you choose me as your recovery coach, I give you all my attention during each session and whenever you choose to reach out. I know what it’s like to struggle with sobriety, and I can promise you it does get easier. You don’t have to keep suffering. You can get support and enjoy a substance-free existence, if that is what you choose. I’m living proof! Let’s collaborate so you can tap into your inner strength. 

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